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Children in todays world are suffering from a huge number of problems. ADHD, ADD, Oppositional behavior disorders, and 800px-Kasketaldi_haurra_002more severe Psychiatric problems are becoming more and more common among younger children.

These conditions are a reflection of the increasingly toxic environment combined with developmental issues and poor nutrition. When a developing brain lacks the chemical fuel it needs to maintains its normal biochemistry, either because of poor nutrition or genetic issues in assimilating nutrients, normal behavior (which is supported by a healthy biochemistry) suffers.

As well, normal neurodevelopment can be horribly blocked by toxic exposures. When a developing brain is exposed to a toxic insult, from a drug, medical intervention or environmental pollutant, development can freeze at that level, slowing down or even stopping any further growth. This is very very similar to what happens in autism, but is not quite as severe.

Finally, children have, as they always have had, a number of issues in thier ongoing development as they grow up. Children however express these issues far more openly than adults, lacking the ability to conceal their emotions to the same extent. I find Homeopathy to be excellent for resolving these issues

Dr Paul Find great success in treating these behavioral disorders by addressing each of these causes. Supplying the needed levels of nutrients, and determining genetic nutrient requirements will often provide a measure of immediate relief, and Homeopathy will help any developmental conflicts. If Homeopathy does not work completely, toxic exposures may need to be treated. This process together has been very effective, allowing many children to be able to control their behavior, and achieve thier potential.

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