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In recent decades there has been an explosion of research into genetics. Since the completion of the Human Genome Project in 2000, a huge amount of information on the role of genetics has become available. The cost decoding a genome has also plunged incredibly going from around 1 billion dollars to about $3200 today.

However despite promises of massive medical advances due to this information, genetics have yet to transform medicine. The original model of one gene, one disease has proven to be overly simplistic. Genes function in incredibly complex ways, and have major interactions with thier environment, which make predicting diseases a very difficult task.

However the lower cost of acquiring personalised genetic information has allowed for a variety of New Approaches to become developed. Naturopathic Doctors have begun using some of this information to determine the optimal nutrition for thier patients.

Our ability to absorb and use nutrients depends on our genetic code. If we lack the genes we need, we cannot transform vitamins and nutrients into forms our bodies can use. With a readout of these genes, we can determine what nutrients you can and cannot use, and determine what supplementation is necessary to ensure usable vitamin forms are available. We can also begin to identify which forms of vitamins are not beneficial, and can begin to detoxify you from them if they have actively harmed you.

The cost of this testing is $300. This is rarely reimbursed by benefits packages and is in addition to the costs of a consultation..