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While the vast majority of people who undergo any sort of medical intervention experience no side effects whatsoever. However a small minority of patients do experience persistent side effect after medical interventions such as surgury or a prescribed course of drug treatment. For example I have seen in my own practice:

  • Autism like syndromes after anesthetic use
  • Autoimmune symptoms after injections
  • Diabetes after some Psychiatric medications
  • Insomnia and extreme pain after surgery
  • Various organ dysfunctions after surgery of biposy
  • Chronic Pain after antibiotic use

Sadly these conditions are rarely addressed with publicly available health services. However, treatment and even recovery can occur with Naturopathic Treatment.

Dr Paul uses a number of methods, such as acupuncture, detoxification, Homeopathy and bodywork to repair issues arising from past Medical Intervention. These methods allow the body to remove the influence of this procedure, and stimulate its healing ability to repair the damage.

Healing is Possible, even from such severe inuries!

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