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Autism is a disorder of neurological development in which many commonly occuring social behaviors do not develop on a typical timescale.

This condition has become hugely more prevalent in recent decades, as the following graph shows[1]:


In the past Autism was treated as a permanent developmental disability with some treatment possible through psychopharmacology, but little improvement in the overall condition expected throughout the individuals lifetime.

With the increase in Autism diagnosis, a group of Medical Professionals began questioning this assumption. Using a number of therapies, these Professionals began making real progress in treating Autism, alleviating some of the core symptoms, and reducing the stress and suffering of individuals and those who care for them. Research has begun to be collected, with data showing some promising results.

The Reasons behind the rise in Autism have been closely examined by many parents and clinicians over the past decades. CEASE therapy, developed by Tinus Smits was one branch of therapy which focused on potential toxic causes of Autism, and used Homeopathy to remove this toxicity and repair any long term damage it caused.

Dr. Paul is trained in CEASE therapy, and in some of the biomedical approaches to Autism, giving him a unique ability to help individuals with this condition.

Dr. Paul sees Autism as a disorder of Toxicity. Toxins can disrupt an individual’s development by interfering with the growth and maturation of the nervous system. The nature of this disruption depends on the individual’s own genetic ability to detoxify chemicals, the nature of the toxin they were exposed to, and the age of exposure.

Dr. Paul works closely with the parents and caregivers of his Autistic patients to:

  1. Carefully balance out their biochemistry to maximize their Nervous systems ability to cope with life
  2. Assist the patient in their ongoing development using Homeopathy
  3. Examine potential toxic exposures in light of the current symptoms to determine which toxic exposures might be a problem.
  4. Remove and detoxify any toxic exposures which may be a problem.

Dr Paul has found this approach to be very effective, and has recorded some very impressive progress, even on older clients with Autism. While younger clients can often get a much better response to therapy, older individuals can also improve greatly. Dr Paul has published one of his cases here.

I also have made a video detailing my approach to Autism. Here it is!

If you are curious about obtaining treatment for yourself or someone you are caring for, please feel free to email Dr Paul at drpaultheriault.nd(at)gmail.com. You can also contact us to book in a free 15 min visit.

[1] Taken from https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Increase_in_autism_diagnosis.png.