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Homeopathy is a system of medicine that is based on helping the body to remember its own innate ability to heal.

Much of Naturopathic Medicine is about creating an environment in which the body can function effectively. The removal of toxins, optimizing digestion and elimination, and providing adequate nutrition are all extremely important in maintaining health.

But sometimes, when all of these things have been done, health does not return. It is as if the body is stuck in a pattern of illness, and cannot on its own rise out of them. I use Homeopathy in these cases in order to stimulate the body to rid itself of these patterns of stuckness. I explain this, and the basic principles of Homeopathy in this video:

These patterns of illness are called the state. Having a state create places in our lives where we cannot experience our inherent joy and freedom and within which our bodies cannot fully function in healthfully. The state can be expressed on both the physical and mental emotional arenas, but I primarily look at the mental arena for its indications.

Through the process of an approximately 1 hr homeopathic conversation, I will determine where exactly the patients mind is stuck, or what state the patient is stuck in, and prescribe a remedy that will help the patients body to free itself from the state.As the patient becomes free of the state, the mind becomes free of old habits and biases, becoming more free to grow, heal, and experience its natural state of joy. The body also begins to become more able to heal of its physical disease, when not held in place by the state. I have also noticed that patients begin to grow as human beings, becoming more advanced in thier awareness, maturity and growth. I explain this phenomenon more thoroughly in the following video:

In recent decades Homeopathy has been researched in a large number of clinical trials and basic science work done upon it. These trials have been very positive, when done properly. Many poorly conducted trials have gotten negative results, and these are often cited as evidence that Homeopathy does not work. This approach, though popular, is not valid for evaluating the effectiveness of Homeopathy.

A new research institute dedicated to High Quality Homeopathic research has been founded in the United Kingdom. They have an excellent database of clinical trials, and an excellent page which gives evidence based answers to many questions about Homeopathy. This website can be found here: https://www.hri-research.org/resources/homeopathy-the-debate/homeopathy-faqs/

Recent research reviews focusing on higher quality research have also been conducted, and positive results have been found. You can find one of these here: http://www.systematicreviewsjournal.com/content/3/1/142

Homeopathy has been very effective historically. The premier resource on historical effects of Homeopathy will be Andre Saine’s upcoming book “The Weight of Evidence” to be published in the near future (http://www.homeopathy.ca/publications_det02.shtml). A youtube presentation summarizing some of the evidence is listed here:

A free historical summary of Homeopathy’s effectiveness ( upto 1900 or so) is available here: https://archive.org/details/logicoffiguresor00brad.