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Naturopathic medicine is a wonderfully effective system of medicine, holding promise for almost all of the diseases that affect 13428599_10157154345085294_2929680473084072894_nhumanity. However, not all patients respond equally. As documented in my published case studies (here, here) and in much of the other literature ( see here).

However, many patient respond at different rates to our therapies. While some patients have almost miraculous cures with the simplest of interventions, other patients seem to require far more intense application of Naturopathic therapies. Some patients do not respond at all to well indicated therapies, or fail to respond completely. It is as if something is blocking these therapies from working.

Many factors contribute to this phenomenon. Past exposures to chemical substances, inherited diseases, and a number of other factors can interfere with Naturopathic therapies. However, one of these factors are foci, specific blockages to healing with a physical basis.

While antecedents have been known for thousands of years,  the modern body of work on foci was elucidated by the Heneke brothers in Germany in the early 20th century. Since then a large body of knowledge on foci, how to diagnose them, and treatment strategies has been developed, particularly by Frank Bahr in the field of Auricular medicine and Auriculotherapy. The best English Language text I have seen on the subject is Radical Medicine, by Louisa Williams.

With this in mind, I have incorporated treatment of blockages to healing in most of my treatment plans, both to improve the results my patients get, and for the prevention of long term chronic disease. The treatment is usually done through Ear acupuncture, and is very simply and quick to apply in the midst of other Naturopathic treatment plans.

Below are two videos I have made on this subject. I hope you enjoy them.

If you have any questions or would lke to book in to get ones blockages to healing diagnosed or treated, please contact me.