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Naturopathic Family Medicine is the basis of Dr Paul’s Practice, and of most Naturopathic Medicine in General.

Family medicine is the treatment of commonly occurring health problems. It involves both the diagnosis and treatment of medical problems commonly occurring and their simply treatment. It also involves referral to specialists when specialized diagnostics are needed.

Naturopathic family medicine has a unique addition to make to Family Medicine. As I described in this video, Naturopathic medicine not only looks at the immediate problems a person is suffering from, but views their current problems as expressions of their bodies overall state of health, as a product of their history.

Your current health problems, from diabetes to infectious diseases, are the product of your entire history of health, and of the health of your ancestors before that. Naturopathic medicine is one of the few systems of Medicine which is capable of treating this reality. Through a detailed history, physical exam and lab screening, we will determine both the nature of your current diseases, and the background state of your health. We will then begin both to alleviate your current state of ill health, and in getting your overall health back to an ideal state over the long term. This involves both care for long term chronic disease and in dealing with acute diseases in a way that supports your overall health.

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