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CEASE therapy is a method designed to clear the body of factors which interfere with the bodies ability to heal. These factors may be past vaccinations, drugs, anesthetics, surgeries, environmental exposures or injuries.


CEASE was originally developed by a Dutch Homeopathic Medical Doctor named Tinus Smits for the treatment of autism. It is successfully practiced throughout the world to treat patients with autism and other neurodevelopemental disorders. You can learn more from the CEASE website at http://www.cease-therapy.com/ . Dr Paul also uses CEASE methods in patients without autism to remove any factors which interfere with their healing.
CEASE therapy involves the use of Isopathic remedies, homeopathic remedies made from the particular factor (drugs, vaccinations etc.) which are obstructing the person from healing. Administering a remedy made from the toxin which damaged a person in the past provides the body with a stimulus to both excrete the toxin and to repair the damage, insofar as it is capable of doing. When a person is free of these toxic factors, the body can then respond well to healing work, such as Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Diet, or whatever other methods used to promote the bodies healing responses.

CEASE therapy offers a number of advantages in its treatment of autism:

  1. It offers a very simple approach to treatment. I have seen treatment schemes with autism that are immensely complicated with dozens (sometimes hundreds) of supplements taken daily. CEASE has, on average, 3-5 supplements and two homeopathics taken every few days.
  2. CEASE is very clinically based. There aren’t thousands of dollars of lab tests needed in order to determine the proper course of treatment. The treatment is determined by the exposures and the symptoms of the patient.
  3. CEASE is very economical. By keeping supplements to a minimum CEASE avoids a great deal of the costs of other autism programs. It also decreases the length of many other behavioral programs due to the increased adaptability and responsiveness of the nervous system.
  4. CEASE, in Dr. Paul’s experience of it, works. When the remedies are well selected, patients detoxify beautifully, and behavioral shifts are very clear and apparent.
  5. CEASE therapy offers a way to see the true nature of the person. It is as if the program peels back the layers of damage they have suffered, and helps their true self shine forth.
  6. CEASE also offers relief for the parents of autistic children. Many times, care of a child with autism can take up huge amounts of time and energy. CEASE therapy usually results in increased independence, resulting in less need for care.

A number of parents have began recording their experiences using CEASE with their autistic children. They are available in the following blogs:





A facbook group (https://www.facebook.com/CEASETherapy) and twitter account  (@ceasetherapy) also exist for those looking for more information.

Unfortunately, CEASE has yet to be evaluated in a clinical trial. But considering the results that have been seen so far, it looks to be a valuable addition to treatment of autism and other disorders..