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Ear acupuncture (or Auriculotherapy)  is a type of acupuncture with incredible potential for the healing of many chronic degenerative conditions.

Originally discovered by Paul Nogier in France in the 1940s, this system was originally published in a map published by392px-EarModelDSC_7928 Nogier at an Acupuncture conference in Lyon in 1955. This map was then translated from French into German, from German into Russian, from Russian to Japanese, and from Japanese into Chinese. This map reached China in the midst of Mao Zedong’s reorganisation of Chinese medicine, and was adapted and altered into the Modern Chinese ear maps shown to the right.

However, Nogier continued his development of the system, discovering two more maps, and a system of using the pulse to diagnose the source of patients problems. The pulse diagnosis was adopted by his German Student Bahr, and gradually expanded, with the addition of a number of additional points into the German Auriculotherapy system, currently taught by Beate Strittmatter, a Medical Doctor from Germany who teaches frequently in Canada.

Nogier continued developing his system until the end of his life, teaching Mikhael Adams, who taught Dr Paul. Dr Paul uses Primarily the Auriculotherapy he was taught by Dr. Adams, while adding in a number of German and Chinese points he has found to be useful. Dr Paul also finds some of the German diagnostic points very useful, for instance in diagnosing specific hormonal issues, or in determining immediately mineral deficiencies, toxic exposures, or vitamin deficiencies.

800px-On_pins_and_needles,_Navy_doctor_branches_out_with_deployment_medicine_131213-M-ZB219-017Ear acupuncture has gained a great deal of exposure lately because of its use by the Military. Known as Battlefield acupuncture, this procedure has been very successfully applied for the treatment of Chronic pain and other issues in Veterans in the United States. It has enabled many people to live pain free and to enable a life free of the Debilitating Opiate prescriptions which ruin so many lives.

In addition to chronic pain, Ear acupuncture can be used to treat almost any other condition. Dr Paul finds it particularly efficacious when treating degeneration, such as organ scarring, or joint degeneration. Many cases which would have otherwise required surgery have been successfully treated with these methods.

Ear acupuncture is normally given once per week in a 15 minute session. The cost is $45 per session. Treatments usually provide immediate relief, but it can take several weeks until full healing occurs. Maintenance treatments every one or two months are usually needed to prevent relapse.

I’ve blogged about several cases treated with Auriculotherapy. You can find them here

If you’re curious as to whether or not Ear Acupuncture would be a good choice for your health, Dr Paul does give free 15 minute consults. Please do Contact us to book in!







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