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In addition to his medical practice, Dr Paul also writes and researches. He has written several articles, one book, and is currently working on a book detailing the use of animal remedies in Homeopathy. Here is a list of all of Dr Paul’s publications:


  • Introduction to Homeopathy for Children in Integrated Health Practitioners





Dr Paul has preformed a vast number of Homeopathic triturations throughout his career. He has created a number of remedies for his systematic exploration of the animals, and for a number of specific clinical problems he has encountered in practice. These triturations are all preformed by Dr Paul alone, following the methodology of Hogeland and Schriebman. All triturations are performed upto C12, with a number being taken to much higher levels. That depth of information as well as the analysis and clinical commentary is available in the book section below, but the basic transcription of the trituration notes are below:


Dr Paul publishes all of his books on lulu.com. Please do check out his author spotlight.

A New Era: Homeopathy and the Human Spirit

The Table of Animals-See my book website at http://www.tableofanimals.com/.

Future book projects:

  • The Column of Fungi- A systematic exploration of the Fungal Kingdom
  • The Resurrection of the Vital Force- A solution to the problems that plague the modern vital force
  • Miasmatic Freedom
  • A New Era: Volume 2: Apotheosis of the Animals- Full C12 triturations of Animal remedies


Dr Paul teaches regularily, and is willing to travel anywhere to teach, if participants can register enough people to cover the cost of transportation and lodgings.

Dr Paul teaches with a combination of Didactic teaching, Socratic discussion, and Immersion methodology. Immersions, explained in my video here, are an incredible teaching tool in Homeopathy allowing a far deeper and more permanent experience of remedies than simple lecturing will accomplish. The following courses are available.

  • A New Era Immersion (2 days)- An immersion into the remedies of A New Era: Homeopathy and the Human Spirit
  • Introduction to the Table of Animals (1/2 day- can be condensed to 1 hour for Conferences)- A basic explanation of the Table in the context of Systematic Homeopathy
  • The Table of Animals Immersion: The Porifera, Cnidaria and Ctenophora (1/2 day)- The Remedies of the first paperback volume of the Table of Animals
  • The Table of Animals Immersion: The Lophotrochozoa (1.5 days)- Covers the Annelids, Brachiopods, Bryozoa, Mollusks and Platyhelminthes
  • The Table of Animals Immersion: The Eccdysozoa (2.5 days, can be split up into 1 day for Arachnids and 1 day for Insects)- The Nematoda, Arachnids, Insects

Several recorded courses are available for purchase below.

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Homeopathic Dosing– At the bottom of the Homeopathy section

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