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Dr Paul has taken a special interest in Parkinson’s since his study of Acupuncture Channels under Janice Walton-Hadlock. Dr Walton-Hadlock, in additon to being an expert in acupuncture channel theory, has developed a fantastic treatment method for Parkinson’s.

According to her work, Parkinson’s is a disease of dissociation. In order to explain this we must discuss neurological modes.

The default one is our relaxation mode, or parasympathetic which allows us to rest, digest and think, as well as experience pleasurable emotions. The next most common neurological mode is Stress, or Sympathetic mode. This mode involves a higher arousal state designed to stop digestion, alert one to one’s surroundings and deal with potential threats. The third neurological mode is sleep, which allows us to recuperate, heal and reorganize ourselves.

The fourth and rarest neurological mode is dissociation. This neurological mode literally turns off the consciousness, taking it outside of the body so that it is not damaged by incredibly traumatic events. It is the neurological mode that activates when we lose limbs, are impaled, are in car accidents, or in other terrible situations.

The problem with Parkinson’s is the inappropriate use of dissociation. Normally when people face a problem in daily life, they rely on sympathetic mode. A subsection of people will dissociate whenever they have any kind of problem, leading them into a state of numbness. Long term numbness begins to prevent neurological function in the parasympathetic mode, forcing the person to shift between sympathetic and dissociative modes. When the sympathetic mode is exhausted, symptoms of Parkinson’s disease develop. This process is explained in much more detail in the following free e-book.

The goal in the treatment of Parkinson’s is to remove this mental habit and to treat any issues in the acupuncture channels which can hold this mental habit in place. Medications can complicate this process considerably, and as a Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Paul has great expertise in helping Parkinson’s patients to safely come off their medications (working with their prescribing Physicians) in order to avoid the very challenging problem of over medication.

If you would like to book yourself or a loved one in for treatment of Parkinson’s or for a free consultation to determine whether we would be a good fit together, please do Contact us..