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Classical chinese culture has a strong basis in the natural rhythms they observed in the universe around them. These rhythms made their way into much of the culture, including medicine. Chinese medicine is based on a profound understanding of the natural cycles the human body goes through, and uses this understanding to treat the disharmonies that create disease.


This system is based on understanding the human body as a whole, and how different organ systems interact with each other, and also larger influences beyond the body, such as the family, the weather and the climate. This larger view of health sees the life as a series of interconnected wholes, integrating mind, body, spirit and nature into a beautiful interconnected unity.


Traditional asian medicine will assess the imbalances present in your life, and gently resolve them using the tools of acupuncture, herbs and diet, bringing you back into harmony with the natural cycles of life around you.




Acupuncture is a system of treatment originating from traditional asian medicine. It involves placing needles in the body at specific points in order to direct the flow of energy, or qi. Typically about 10-20 needles are placed in the skin and surface muscles in the back, arms and legs.


Patients often report a feeling of profound relaxation during acupuncture treatments, and an increased feeling of wellbeing which grows until their problems resolve. It is a beautiful process to behold!



Ear acupuncture:


Similar to body acupuncture, ear acupuncture also directs the flow of qi throughout the body. Ear acupuncture however is preformed with small seeds being taped onto the ears for periods of one week to stimulate qi flow. This allows for a more consistent and longer lasting treatment, with greatly improved results..