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Over the past several years Dr Paul has engaged in a period of extensive personal research. He has engaged a series of C12 triturations on a number of substances which he has been drawn towards. 462px-Mortar_and_pestle_07

This series of triturations has given a huge amount of information about the human energy system and a number of difficulties and malfunctions present within it that obstruct our spiritual progress, and make our gradual advancement more slow than it needs to be.

Furthermore, the uncovered energy blockages can have severe impacts on us from lifetime to lifetime, often in some extremely subtle and far reaching ways.

Humans are far more than what we appear to be. We are immensely powerful and perceptive beings on a journey within a human body. Our bodies, both energetic and physica are far more limited than they need to be, but this limitation can be alleviated with C12 Homeopathy.

My book on this subject “A New Era, Homeopathy and the Human Spirit” will be self published in the next few months.

This is not an area I generally offer in my general practice. Patients must specifically request C12 Homeopathy. Once this is done, a specific at home protocol is offered as well as ongoing counselling, constitutional Homeopathy (an absolutely neccesary adjunct to the powerful C12 treatment) and a program of meditation.

For more information about this program please do contact us, or email Dr Paul directly at drpaultheriault.nd (at) gmail.com

Image Credit: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Mortar_and_pestle_07.jpg.