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One of the most interesting aspects of Naturopathic care, described here, which Dr Paul has observed over time is that individuals who become healthier also become more attractive. Skin becomes more clear, they become more happy and joyous, and they appear more youthful and vital.

Given this, Dr Paul has undergone a series of trainings in Aesthetic medicine, the practice of medicine focused on maintaining and recovering the appearance of the skin and body. While other modalities will soon be added to this practice, Dr Paul currently is focused on Cosmetic acupuncture.

Cosmetic acupuncture is acupuncture focused on decreasing the appearance of aging and wrinkles on the skin. It works by:

  1. Increasing the flow of energy to the face through stimulation of the acupuncture channels
  2. Inducing inflammation, which destroys the existing collagen Matrix forcing it to rebuild itself younger and more elastic than before
  3. By releasing muscles on the face which have become permanently contracted, holding the skin in fixed patterns and forming wrinkles. In this way, acupuncture is similar to Botox injections, without the longer term paralysis.

Dr Paul is trained in the Mei Zen system of Cosmetic acupuncture

Cosmetic acupuncture can be done for the Face, Neck and Abdomen. The Facial acupuncture reduces wrinkles, lines and other signs of aging on the face, as well as relieving scarring, and often benefiting neurological conditions affecting the face. Neck Acupuncture reduces sagging and loose skin on the neck, and can often benefit other soft tissue conditions affecting the neck. Abdominal acupuncture can reduce stretch marks and sagging, especially after weight loss. I have also observed it to benefit digestive and hormonal/reproductive health.

Some research has shown benefit of facial acupuncture protocols. Click here and here to see it.

Below I have listed several Before and After Photos showing results from my treatment. More results from my teacher, Martha Lucas, can be found here.

Facial Acupuncture:
Before:                                                                                                         After:




In the above case we can see a decrease in acne and inflammation. While not shown in the photographs, I would add that a number of smaller lines and wrinkles around the eyes also vanished.

I am currently working on some before and after photos for abdominal and neck acupuncture protocols.

The cost for a round of facial acupuncture is 1350. It involves 10 one hour visits performed either once or twice per week. The protocol usually take about 5-10 years off the face ( depending on the degree of aging beforehand). When the protocol is complete I recommend monthly sessions to maintain the effects.

With maintenance, results usually last between 3-5 years. When this period elapses, the cosmetic acupuncture protocol can be repeated.

If youre interested in booking for cosmetic acupuncture, or interested in chatting with Dr Paul about it, please do contact us!.