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Constitutional Hydrotherapy is a process of Alternating Hot and Cold Wet towels developed by Dr. Otis G. Carroll in the early 20th century. Carroll’s successes were legendary, with great healing stories consistently emerging from his clinic for several decades.
Constitutional hydrotherapy is a series of alternating hot and cold towels combined with gentle electrostimulation. It has a 717px-An_epitome_of_hydrotherapy_for_physicians,_architects_and_nurses_(1920)_(14593236320)profound healing and balancing effect on several body systems. Most prominent among these systems are:

  1. The Immune System
  2. The Digestive System
  3. The Detoxification System (or emunctories)
  4. The Circulatory system

Constitutional Hydrotherapy is a relatively rare therapy to obtain from Naturopathic Doctors in office today. However it has a powerful clinical record of success over the course of a century and is immensely useful in the treatment of a number of conditions. I find Constitutional Hydrotherapy particularly effective for the following conditions:

  • Excessive Toxicity
  • Acute infections (such as Colds, Influenza, Food Poisoning, Stomach bugs, Sore Throats, Ear infections etc)
  • Digestive problems ( such as IBS, Crohn’s, Gastritis, heartburn, etc)
  • Chronic immune system issues (such as chronic Lyme, Chronic Autoimmune Diseases)
  • Circulatory disorders

Research on Hydrotherapy and some of the conditions it is effective for can be found here.

Hydrotherapy typically takes approximately 1hr. It is typically preformed in a physiotherapy room with several other patients, separated by curtains. Preforming multiple treatments at once allows Dr Paul to keep costs low for patients.

The cost for Constitutional Hydrotherapy is:

$50-1 treatment

$200- 6 treatments over two weeks.

$400-12 treatments over one month

Normally an intake is required before starting constitutional hydrotherapy treatment. However if you are referred for Hydrotherapy by another Naturopathic Doctor, Dr Paul will do a short 15 minute intake. If you would like to book in for a series of treatments, please do contact us.






Image Credit: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:An_epitome_of_hydrotherapy_for_physicians,_architects_and_nurses_%281920%29_%2814593236320%29.jpg.