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Naturopathic Medicine in Canada, due to its exclusion from public health care, is mostly concerned with the treatment of chronic diseases. However before public medicine, Naturopathic medicine and Homeopathy had an excellent record of treatment of acute illness. A very good record of this history of treatment can be found in a book called “the Logic of Figures” detailing the rates of conventional and Homeopathic treatment of infectious diseases. You can read this book online here.

Furthermore, treatment of acute illness has a very large impact on our long term health. Acute Illness serves two purposes:

  1. It allows the body to resolve any immediate challenges to itself, and keeps the immune system active. Without regular activity, the immune system tends to stop working well, ignoring things such as chronic viral infections and developing cancers.
  2. It allows the body to discharge any accumulated toxicity if the form of discharges, such as diarrhea, mucous or urine.

Conventional treatment of acute illnesses tends to focus on using antinflammatories to lover fevers, and antibiotics and antivirals to remove any bacteria or viruses. While this can be necessary in emergencies, in most mild illnesses this kind of care can suppress the immune system and the functions described above, setting the stage for chronic disease later in life.

Naturopathic Care helps the immune system to resolve infections simply, easily and fully, without the need to suppress symptoms. It allows the immune system to function optimally and to discharge any accumulated toxicity. And if your condition is more serious, you can be referred for emergent or emergency care as needed.

Dr Paul does take acute visits for his existing patients, and is more than willing to start  If your are feeling sick, call our office and he will usually be able to fit you in sometime in the same day.

To book yourself in for an acute visit, please do call us..