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Obesity is one of the biggest health problems of our age. It causes a huge number of problems such as an increased blood pressure, issues with cholesterol and other blood lipids, increased blood pressure, and increased rates of diabetes, stroke, heart attacks and several kinds of cancer. A summary of the health risks can be found here.

In response to this problem, many different programs have been developed. Many involve dramatic dietary restrictions which make their long term success difficult. They also do not incorporate other issues which can cause problems with the process of losing weight, such as hormonal health.

In response to these problems I decided to train in a system of Weight loss called Metabolic Balance. Metabolic balance involves taking a series of laboratory measurements, then using these measurements to extrapolate biochemistry, and then compiling a diet which is harmonious with that biochemistry. In addition to the personalized diet, 8 rules are given which optimize metabolism.

The usually result is 3-6 pounds of weight loss per week. This tends to be less in people who are strongly stressed, or exhausted. I have also noticed many other health issues, such as high blood pressure, many hormonal issues, and diabetes improve considerably on this program. I’ve also seen the results last. So far most of my patients have managed to keep thier lost weight off after going into the maintenance phase of the program.

The program has also been studied. This program resulted in 2/3 of participants losing more then 5% of thier body weight over the course of one year. More rigorous adherence to the 8 rules of the program resulted in greater weight loss than those

The cost of the program is $900. The fee covers all visits and the lab work. I regularly follow up with patients for 15-30 mins every 2-3 weeks. Because I am a Naturopathic Doctor, we will often address other issues during this time, such as digestive problems, and psychological issues interfering with weight loss. There may be some additional cost for supplements and remedies to address these other issues.

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