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Over the course of his life, Dr Paul has been touched a number of times by Cancer, whether in the form of his Father’s untimely passing from Cancer, or from his clinical experience.

While Dr. Paul does not treat Cancer Naturopathically as a practice focus, he has begun a program dedicated to reducing the incidence of this problem. A number of relatively simple lifestyle interventions and Naturopathic therapies can both change the metabolism to favor less Cancer development, and improve the Immune system’s ability to detect and destroy Cancerous cells. 800px-Spruta,_Johannes_Jansson

This Program is done once per year. It involves a weeklong ketogenic fast, injection therapies designed to shift the immune system towards a mode where it can more easily detect and destroy cancer and a series of mitochondiral nutrients designed to promote mitochondrial health.

Due to the nature of this Process, this is only available to my long term patients. In order to do this program, you must have done at least an intake visit.

I have described this process in the following video.

For more information, or to join the next round of the Cancer Prevention Program, please do Contact us..