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What kind of a life do you want?

  • A life filled with ease?
  • Joyous and fulfilling relationships?
  • Freedom to do and to be what you want?
  • A Healthy and Capable body

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Initial 15 minute consultation: Free

1st Visit ( 1hr-1 hr 15 mins): $185

Followup Visit: (1/2 hr): $90

15 minute Visits (colds and acute illnesses): $45

B12 Shots (including B12) $25

Acupuncture Visits (1/2 hour): $80

Acupuncture Visits: (1 hour) $150

Facial Acupuncture Visits (1hour) $135

Distance Visits: 1 hour $210
Distance Visits: 1/2 hour $105

Children, Students and Adults on AISH recieve a 25% discount on services.


Dr. Paul has never turned a patient away because of lack of ability to pay. For people who have problems paying for treatments, please do contact him, and alternate arrangements can be made..