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How are naturopathic doctors trained?


Naturopathic doctors are now required to complete a degree with a number of science prerequisites. Dr. Paul has a degree in biological Science and Cultural Anthropology. Naturopathic medical school is 3500 hours long, spread over 4 years, with one of those years being an extensive internship of 1200 hours. At the end of this program, Naturopathic doctors are required to write an extensive 3 day exam called NPLEX as well as board exams specific to whatever jurisdiction they practice in.


Are Naturopathic Doctors as competent as Conventional Medical Doctors?


Yes. Naturopathic Doctors receive almost identical basic sciences training to Conventional medical doctors and receive a similar number of hours of training in Naturopathic modalities (such as homeopathy, botanical medicine, acupuncture) as Conventional Medical Doctors do in conventional therapeutics. For a comparison of the education received by naturopathic doctors and conventional medical doctors, please visit: www.bcna.ca/documents/comparativecurriculacombined.pdf .


What is the difference between Naturopathic Medicine and Conventional Medicine?


Conventional medicine is based on the diagnosis and treatment of disease. In order for it to be able to help people, they must have a diagnosable disease which has been studied enough to determine a treatment. Naturopathic medicine is based on restoring any part of your body that isn’t working properly. Naturopaths aren’t as attached to diagnosis as conventional medical doctors, because they can still help people who don’t have one by helping their body to return to its natural state of health.


Can Naturopathic Doctors prescribe drugs?


Naturopathic doctors in British Columbia currently can prescribe pharmaceuticals. It is anticipated that Alberta will soon follow suit to allow prescription rights as well.


Can Dr. Paul order labs?


Yes. Dr Paul can order any laboratory tests he requires directly from a number of lab services. He prefers to use Calgary Lab Services due to the many locations across the city available.


Can I see a naturopathic doctor while taking prescription medications?


Yes. Dr. Paul does not require patients to stop any other medications before seeing him. He will alter his prescriptions to prevent any interaction occurring between what he prescribes, and the drugs you are currently on.


Does Dr. Paul work with other health professionals?


Yes. Dr Paul works extensively with other professionals in allopathic medicine, mental health, physical medicine and Naturopathic medicine. He is willing to work constructively with any other members of your health care team.


What can I expect during my first visit?


In the first visit, Dr. Paul will get to know you and your concerns and health problems. He will preform a physical exam, order lab tests as needed, and preform a Naturopathic exam to determine how to best treat your disease. After that, a personalized treatment plan will be created


What can I expect after the first visit?


After the first visit, Dr. Paul will usually followup with the patient in 1 month to evaluate treatment progress. The treatment plan will be altered as needed to enhance results, and further progress. Followups usually become less frequent after the patient begins recovery. When recovery occurs, the patient enters into a long term health maintenance program called Seasons of Health (see the program section of our website!).


How long will treatment take?


The length of treatment is very individual. Dr Paul will work with you to create an individualized health plan, and disscuss with you how long your treatment will potentially take.


Can Dr Paul help me prevent a disease?


Yes. Preventing disease is one of Dr. Paul’s specialties. One of the joys of Naturopathic medicine is that you don’t have to wait until a person becomes seriously ill before treating them and improving their health. Dr. Paul can treat people who are beginning to feel ill but don’t have a diagnosis, people who are waiting for specialists or tests, or people who feel healthy and want to stay that way!


Will Insurance pay for Naturopathic medicine?


Yes. About 90-95% of insurance plans have some coverage for naturopathic medicine in Canada. It is anticipated that the supplements prescribed by naturopathic physicians will be covered by insurance within the next few years.


What Conditions can be treated by Naturopathic Medicine?


Almost all conditions will benefit from Naturopathic treatment. Short term issues such as colds, flus and infections, long term issues, and mental/emotional issues all respond wonderfully to Naturopathic treatment. Dr. Paul may refer to other health professionals during treatment as needed for additional support.


How will I know if I can be helped with Naturopathic medicine?


Dr. Paul offers free 15 minute consultations to anyone interested to discuss with him how naturopathic medicine can benefit their personal health conditions. Book yourself in today to find out if Dr Paul can help you!