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So for a little information about me………

That Photo to the Right is me: Paul 1_edit

I was born in Calgary at the Grace hospital to my mother Dawn, a social worker, and my father Rick, a teacher. I was the oldest of three siblings, who followed me soon afterwards. I grew up in Renfrew, near the beautiful Nose creek park. I remember spending a great deal of my young life in this beautiful park with my family, as well as in the beautiful mountains near our home, and vacations to visit our large extended family ( 12 aunts and uncles) in New Brunswick, Winnipeg, and Ottawa.


I was very ill as a child, suffering from frequent and repeated infections, and requiring multiple surgeries and medications. I remember feeling nauseous and coughing for much of this time. Finally, the cessation of my asthma medications, their replacement with a puffer for acute emergencies only, and a tonsillectomy, put at least a temporary halt to my physical illness. However, my physical growth had been affected ( I’m actually about 4-6 inches shorter than my father and most of my male relatives), and I began to suffer behaviour problems, such as social withdrawal and depression.


I knew since childhood that I wanted a career in the helping professions. Whether it was seeing my heroes Dr Beverly Crusher and Counsellor Deanna Troi on Star Trek in action, or the delight I found in listening to my friends problems and emotional issues. I started down the path in high school by learning reiki, reflexology, and raindrop therapy. Wanting more advanced training in these modalities, I decided to become a Naturopathic Physician. I enrolled at the University of Calgary, studying biology and cultural anthropology to obtain my undergraduate degree.


After graduating University in 2006, I attended the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto. While attending medical school I also did a number of extracurricular studies in auricular acupuncture and auricular medicine, sensation method homeopathy, advanced treatment of mental illness with homeopathy, biotherapeutic drainage, and the anthropology of health.


At this time I also began seeing a Naturopathic Physician in Calgary ( Dr. Tasleem Kassam) and later a homeopathic physician (Dr. Alexandra Gellman) in Toronto, and began my own journey back to health. I initially thought I was using Naturopathic medicine for prevention, and to build contacts in the field. I soon learned that my own health wasn’t nearly as good as I thought it was! I realized the connection between my childhood illnesses, my chronic sore throats, my fatigue, muscle pain, and my chronic depression and social withdrawal. Slowly increasing my awareness of my own problems, and addressing them, has greatly increased the joy I take in life. I find myself now in a life I didn’t even dream of having before my healing started. The ease and happiness I now experience is so far beyond what I experienced during my undergraduate degree and early life, that I still occasionally marvel how far I’ve come.


Upon graduation I returned to my hometown of Calgary, and began practice, focusing on mental health, depression, and the treatment of chronic disease. In my practice, it is my joy and privilege to accompany patients through the same journey I went through. Through natural medicine, we will greatly increase your freedom and joy, bringing you to your limitless life!


I eagerly anticipate journeying to freedom, joy, and your limitless life with you!.